How we work

New members attend an introduction meeting

They receive an introductory email (check spam!) with their login to this site.

The user profile is populated and the member's resources and needs are entered into the directory, with categories.

Members browse the directory and contact each other, through the site to arrange exchanges.

After an exchange, one member registers the transaction on the site, including a quantity of our own unit of account.

The other member then confirms the transaction next time they are on the site, and both members balances change.

The committee determines and enacts policy, resolves disputes, and works to stimulate exchange. Committee members may receive an honorarium, in the local unit of account, which rarely covers all the time put in.

Members pay an annual fee of EUR XX to cover costs, unless otherwise agreed. Unpaid fees may result in members' access to this site being blocked, depending on policy

When a member wishes to stop trading, the account must be returned to zero, showing that an equal value has been given and received. [There may be exceptions to this rule, depending on policy]